Sunrise at the Sand Dunes

My Mom woke me up very, very early to get a nice start one Summer morning this year. We had been under a Pandemic lockdown, and we were both itching for a little adventure. Our friends, Shelley and Lucy (who were enjoying their own special adventure), gave us just the excuse.

So, like I said, we started very, very early. That was fine with me, because I slept the entire 4 hours. My Mom’s goal? Get there for sunrise!

Happy Girls passing Happy Canyon Road!

By the time we arrived at La Veta Pass high in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Colorado, we were beginning to see the sun rising. Well, my Mom was. I was still sound asleep.

As I was waking up, Mom showed me the small hills ahead of us. The Sand Dunes!

Mom made me get out and pose by this sign for some reason, but I REALLY wanted to chase the animals I could see off in the distance! Big, huge animals!

As we got closer and closer, I realized that these were HUGE mounds of sand! They are so amazing! I wanted to run up them immediately!

The wildflowers were amazing! Yellow sunflowers everywhere, and the purple flowers were stunning! Mom said she would look those up and tell me what they are later! I wanted to stay all day….. but I was getting really hot.

After exploring a bit with our friends, it was time to leave for the day! We had new adventures ahead!


Until our next adventure!

Love, Sadie 💜🐾💜🐾