Bubbles, and Roadtrips and Lucy…. Oh My!

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.


My Mom says the words “adventure” or “roadtrip” or “Lucy” and my butt starts wiggling so hard! What is happening?

I think my Mom’s excitement is rubbing off on me. She is talking to herself and making lists and putting things in piles. She’s lost her freaking mind!

This whole “Road Trip” thing is a puzzle to me. I like car rides a lot…. but then I get to come home and snuggle in my cozy corner of the world. My Mom has been telling me I will be with her all the time, but we will be going from place to place, so coming home won’t happen until the end. Interesting…..

I hope I get to bring Mr. Frog, my blankets and my Monkey with me. I would be lost without my babies.

Remember how I told you my Mom is losing it? Well, here is evidence!

She says we need these for “traveling with friends during a pandemic.”

I told you she is losing her mind! (Maybe we BOTH are!)

Stay tuned….

This is getting exciting!


Sadie 💜🐾💜🐾


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